SOS Hydration Drink Mix 250 gram Tub

SOS Hydration Drink Mix 250 gram Tub


Make your water work as hard as you do with SOS Electrolyte Drink Mix.
5 Flavours - Citrus, Watermelon, Mango, Berry & Coconut

SOS was engineered by a leading doctor, two former elite athletes, and a retired military medical officer.

3x more electrolytes, 6x less sugar, and 6x less calories than competing brands.

Non-GMO premium ingredients - no fillers, artificial ingredients or preservatives.

5 great tasting flavours - A unique feature among electrolyte replacement products.

Keto certified by Paleo Foundation.



Organic Cane Sugar, Mineral Salts (Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Chloride), Organic Dextrose, Natural Flavours and Colours, Acidity Regulator (Malic Acid), Sweetener (Steviol Glycosides).

Our formula meets World Health Organization standards for an oral rehydration solution. 

Get more from water

SOS is an hypotonic drink, which means it has a lower osmolarity than blood. Osmolarity is the balance between sodium and water in the body, and our solution may help you to absorb more water.

Each sachet of SOS contains only 10 calories yet has 50% more electrolytes and 75% less sugar than typical sports drinks. 

A 2% loss in body weight due to dehydration can reduce athletic performance by up to 20%.