Ti.S2 Original

Ti.S2 Original

Grip Size

Returning for the first time in 15 years!

Made to help you clear the net on challenging return shots, the Head® TiS2 Tennis Racquet features a strong, lightweight titanium frame to provide you with additional power and support on follow through hits to paint the lines and surpass the opposition.

Advanced Technology, Unbeatable Feel 
XtraLong™ adds 1/2’’ for extended racquet length 
TI. Titanium Technology ensures fluid swing motion and shot stability 
Ultra-lite graphite weave enhances rigidness of frame to improve shot control 

Racquet Features to Suit Your Style 
Power frame for players with short, compact swings 
Mid-Plus size Head provides dual-support for shot accuracy and power 
Head Heavy balance for increased stability and momentum in lighter frames 
Dense string pattern gives you more control on follow through shots for precise placement 

Key Specs 
Headsize: 102 sq. in. 
Length: 27.5’’ 
String Pattern: 18 x 19 
Strung Weight: 8.6 oz 
Strung Balance: ½ HH 
Cross Section: 25mm 
Grip: Softac