Racket Customisation

We believe that all tennis players are different, unique, and that your equipment should reflect that.With 30 years in the Racket Service Industry in New Zealand and overseas, we want to bring our knowledge and skills to you and give you every advantage on court. We can custom fit your new or existing racket to maximise its playability and its ability to meet the needs of your game.

What is a custom fitted racket?

  • Weight
  • Swing weight
  • Balance
  • Grip Size/Shape
  • Grip Type
  • String type/gauge/mix/tension(s)

All these variables can be matched to you and what you are looking for you. All rackets are the same off the shelf, not all players are! We will get your gear working for you! Guaranteed. We can arrange an on court session or a video based assessment to analyse and  discuss your needs, and utilise video and other technology as needed to ensure you have the right racket setup properly for you!